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Admissions/Entrance Requirements

Shear Excellence Hair Academy welcomes students who wish to pursue a Post-Secondary-level program of study. The office of admissions works hard to make the admissions process, an easy one. Service to students is our priority and academic achievement is expected, nurtured and rewarded. If you have any questions about admissions policies, please call us at 813-933-2468. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you well in your Academy studies.

Shear Excellence Hair Academy has the following admissions policy:
Shear Excellence Hair Academy admits students who hold a high school diploma or G.E.D. and must also be beyond the age of compulsory education (16 years of age). This is in line with the Florida State Board of Cosmetology & Barbering. Proof of education is required BEFORE start of class. A copy of high school diploma, GED Certificate, or official transcript (high school, college, or GED) showing graduation date is acceptable.

Ability to Benefit Policy
Note: ATB policy ended effective 7/1/2012, per U.S. Department of Education for those students who are seeking Title IV funding to pay for their program. Non-Title IV students will still be able to enroll under a form of the ATB policy as long as they are paying their own way.

If an applicant requesting admission does not have proof of a high school diploma or G.E.D. the applicant must take and entrance examination to attest to tenth-grade reading and math ability. The test is called Wonderlic ATB (Ability of Benefit) test. A student must achieve a verbal score of no less than 200 and a quantitative score of no less than 210 in the same test administration to pass. Both tests are 20 minutes timed tests. The exam is given at the Academy at least once per month by an Independent Tester, who is certified by Wonderlic. The entire, entrance test is designed to evaluate those traits and aptitudes required for a successful career in Cosmetology, Restricted Barber and Nail Technician.

If an individual fails either part of the tests, or fails to meet the minimum 10th grade level standard, they must re-take the entire test again, after five (5) business days. If any part of the test is failed a second time, the candidate must wait 60 days to re-test. The cost of each entrance exam is $50.00, paid in advance. The fee is forfeited if applicant fails to appear on their scheduled date of exam.

  • Student with ATB admittance are not eligible to qualify for federal aid. ATB students must pay for their education out of their personal funds and cannot receive any title IV federal funding.

Admissions Requirements
To be admitted, an applicant must have a personal interview with an admissions representative to evaluate the applicant’s qualifications and aptitude to pursue a career in cosmetology, restricted barbering or nail technology.

The general admissions policy is as follows:

  • Prospective students must be the minimum age of 16 years old.
  • Official high school transcript showing date of graduation or diploma, or
  • Official passing GED scores or Certificate.
  • Picture ID and Social Security card with number or other documentations.
  • Alien Registration card/INS Proof (if required).

When Shear Excellence Hair Academy has reason to believe that a High School Diploma or GED is not valid, it reserves the right to reject that credential for admission and may require additional information, transcripts, or denial of admission.

Below are some examples of why a High School Diploma or GED may be rejected:

  • The document has been issued by a school known to Shear Excellence Hair Academy as a “Diploma Mill”. Shear Excellence will cross check from a list of Diploma Mill Institutions.
  • Documents given for a fee or essay with very little course work or life experience.
  • Programs that can be completed in a short time period not consistent with traditional education.
  • The document’s time and place is inconsistent with other student information.
  • Verification for all GED’s with reasonable doubt will be verified by State of issue.
  • For the State of Florida there is a request form “Request for Diploma Verification” that will be completed in the admission office and faxed or e-mailed at 850-245-0990 or Main office number is 1-877-352-4331.

Note: Completing a course or program in languages other than English may reduce employability where English is required.

Non-Discrimination Statement
Shear Excellence Hair Academy admits students of any sex, age, race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin, disabled and veteran status to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the academy. The Academy does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin, in its education programs, admission, instruction, scholarship and loan programs, athletic, graduation policies and other activities in accordance with the laws of the United States of America. This practice and requirement of nondiscrimination extends to employment by the administration of student programs and activities operated by the Academy.